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Kilmovee Community Housing CLG

Kilmovee Community Housing CLG a registered charity and approved voluntary housing body was set up in 1993 to provide services, supports and housing to the community.  Funded through the Community Services Program the company employees a manager and 4 staff and also have 6 other staff through the RSS, CE and Tus Programs.  

The business is a social enterprise running various enterprises – 

  • 8  Social Houses
  • Hall Hire
  • Meals on Wheels
  • Laundry
  • Recycling Centre
  • Astroturf Pitch
  • Heritage Centre
  • Bill paying service
  • Office rental and Community Broadband Hub. 

We also provide several social services:-

  • Active Age Group
  • Parent & Toddler Group
  • Heritage & Culture
  • Community Outreach
  • Community Tunnel
  • Village enhancement 
  • Facilitating and running education classes, eg ETB classes


“This project is supported by the Department of Rural and Community Development through the Community Services Programme” 


DIRECTORS Jane Thompson
Sandra Hunt
Pat Rushe
Teresa Moran
John Roddy
Fr Joseph Gavigan


Our Mission


Kilmovee Community Centre (KCH) is a Charitable and Social Enterprise that encourages participation in community life in Kilmovee and the surrounding areas. We provide social, employment, events and learning opportunities as well as housing with supports and community facilities. Kilmovee Community Centre is  welcoming place for all.


To anticipate the needs and demands of our community and create a vibrant, safe, active and healthy environment for all to live and work in.

Our Aims

• To respect and value all staff members, volunteers and clients that work in andavail of our services

• To continue to provide for and develop our services for those in disadvantaged circumstances and provide relief from poverty and deprivation caused by homelessness or poor housing conditions or other socio-economic circumstances

• To provide and maintain services to the community by generating income through social economic projects

• To provide new services to meet the needs and demands of our wider community through our not-for-profit endeavours

• To work with voluntary, statutory and community groups to maintain and grow our community services

• To create a safe and healthy community ethos through our buildings, amenities and services

• To extend a Cead Mile Failte to all